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Western Timber Inc. Port Orchard, WA USA

Western Timber Properties For Sale

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Western Timber has been in the logging business for over 43 years.  We have the expertise to manufacture your logs in a manner that will give you the highest dollar return possible.  Our four main woods employees have been with us for 7 1/2 years, 5 1/2 years, 3 3/4 years, and 2 3/4 years respectively.

We utilize tree length logging, which allows for consistent log manufacturing on the landing.  The limbs and tops then can be piled and burned, if allowed, on the landing.  It also will leave the logged unit ready for easy replanting.

We log primarily private timber and market about 15,000,000 board feet annually.  This has enabled us to develop good working relationships with both log purchasers and the Government Agencies that oversee logging operations.  We also participate in the Accredited Loggers Program sponsored by the Washington Contract Loggers Association in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

Contact our office to discuss obtaining an estimate on your timber or timber land, at no cost or obligation to you!  Feel free to call or email any questions and to discuss your options.


Washingston Contract Loggers AssociationWestern Timber, Inc. has been a member of the Washington Contract Loggers Association for more than 25 years and a participant in the Accredited Loggers Program sponsored by them.

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