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Western Timber Inc. Port Orchard, WA USA

Western Timber Properties For Sale

If you are considering selling your timber and/or timberland, we will be happy to provide an estimate of it's current value at

Western Timber has been in the logging and timberland business since 1977.  

Our four main woods employees have been with us for 7 1/2 years, 5 1/2 years, 3 3/4 years and 2 3/4 years respectively.

We are in the business of buying timber and/or timberland for CASH.  We also harvest timber on a percentage contract, with a substantial CASH ADVANCE! 

We have the expertise to handle all phases of your timber harvesting.  We pride ourselves in the harvest and restoration of the private timberland of our clients.

We log primarily private timber and market about 15,000,000 board feet annually.  This has enabled us to develop good working relationships with both log purchasers and the Government Agencies that oversee logging operations.  We also participate in the Accredited Loggers Program sponsored by the Washington Contract Loggers Association in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

Our equipment consists of a 2015 568 CAT Log Loader, 2014 320D CAT Log Loader, a 2017 558 CAT Processor equipped with a 2016 623C Waratah log processor, a 2007 330D CAT Log Loader, a 2016 748L Grapple Skidder, a 1999 527 CAT Low Ground Pressure Track Skidder and a 2014 CAT 522B Feller Buncher equipped with a Quadco 360 24" Hotsaw falling head.  Our Feller Buncher is a zero tail swing machine with both a front to back and side to side tilt mechanism.  The cutting head on the 522B is a 360 rotating head that easily allows cutting blow down, thinning and clear cut logging.

Under the ownership of Berry Bros. Trucking LLC we have a 2019 Kenworth Log Truck and a 1993 Peterbilt tractor with General Low Boy trailer for equipment transportation.  Additionally Western Timber, Inc. provides company insured vehicles to its employees for transportation to and from the jobsite ensuring dependability and eliminating any possible client liability.

We carry $1,000,000 in Broad Form Loggers Insurance coverage and in Auto Liability Insurance with $1,000,000 in Umbrella coverage.

We look forward to discussing what we can do for you!

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